Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My New Scrappin Loft AKA: The Pig Pen

So you've seen pics of the new living room...Here are the pics of my new scrappin' loft. I named it "The Pig Pen" because it's always a mess but more so because I collect pigs. I love them. Ok so the long anticipated moment you've all been waiting for has now come to and end...Well almost, it's still not "finished" but it's useable. Enjoy the pics!

The view from the living room: yes it will have a railing!

My secret hideaway! Ok, it's just a storage area!

My built in bookcases, yes one has no back, it's going to have a door so hubby can get to the HVAC!

The entrance to my room:

So there you have it, my room in a nutshell. I love the view, I'm not totally isolated and I can get some serious scrappin' done! It's so awesome and it's MINE!


Carri D

Jessica, this is a great space! I wish I had a nice bright space, I am in the basement. Blech!
I am a ctmh consultant also, I saw your pic of the kids "silent" night! I love it! How creative. I am sorry for all the rudeness on that board. I love your work and your photos keep it up!

Fruitful Vine

Very pretty room and very pretty blog. I found you via heart of the matter and twitter.